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  1. New Puppy On The Block

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    As well as all our lovely guests who visited Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel over May half-term we also welcomed a new puppy to our household.


    Another rescue dog, her name is Saffy, short for Sapphire. And she just loves destroying shoes !!!


    One of nine puppies, she is part Golden Retriever and part Burnese Mountain dog, which we have since found out makes Saffy a Golden Mountain dog. How lovely is that for a title. And if you google Golden Mountain dog you will get an idea of what she will grow into - BIG - BIGGER - HUGE !!!


    Two weeks ago she was able to crawl under our kitchen cupboards, now she can't - All in two weeks !!! Weighed today she is just under 10 kilograms.




  2. Abbie's Diary

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    Abbie joined our family exactly three weeks ago today and has already learnt :-

    What a 'toy' is

    That puppies are annoying after 10 minutes

    The command 'wait'

    How to steal underwear !!!

    She has her own comfy bed to lie on

    She gets a treat for good behaviour

    Tennis balls must be defuzzed and then destroyed

    How to dig !!!

    How to wag her tail :)

    Watching Degus play is more entertaining than watching TV

    Other dog walkers give her treats cos she's soooo pretty

    How to sit, but not on command yet

    She loves the taste of chicken

    There's breakfast, lunch and tea

    How to sunbathe in weak English sun on the odd occasion it appears

    The backseat of the car is more comfortable than the boot and fellow passengers make good pillows

    Squeaky toys should be murdered !!!

    We have learnt how friendly other dog walkers can be when they see Abbie's nervousness and how they try to put her at ease

    and the change in such a fearful dog in just three weeks :)