Single Guinea Pig - £3.00 per day

Bonded Guinea Pigs - £3.00 for the first piggy and then £1.50 for each additional piggy in the same accommodation


Hamsters/Mice/Gerbils (own cage to be provided) - £2.00 per day

Chinchillas/Degus/Rats (own cage to be provided) - £3.00 per day

Cockatiels/Budgies (own cage to be provided) - £3.00 per day

We are unable to accommodate parrots or chickens at present


Single Rabbit - £4.00 per day

Bonded Rabbits - £4.00 for the first bunny and then £2.00 for each additional bunny in the same accommodation

To ensure the health of your rabbit/s and that of our other guests, we will only accept your rabbit/s if fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease - VHD. For effectiveness, this joint vaccination should be administered at least two weeks before your rabbit/s arrival. Please bring all valid certificates with you.

Pedicure - £4.00 per Rabbit


Fuss and affection, love and attention - No charge 

No deposit is necessary when booking as full payment in cash is due the day of your pet/s arrival. If your plans do happen to change after booking, please don't worry, just let us know.

There is no extra charge for bank holidays. 

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